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"You will either have it or not, waiting doesn’t change that outcome."

-San Juanita Escobar, Survivor 

Meet our Founder

Vera Morris

After losing a family member, and other friends to breast cancer, in 2015, Vera became an Ambassador for Susan G. Komen. Here, she raised awareness about breast cancer, fundraised, and actively participated in the Race For A Cure event each year. Vera founded Treasure Your Chest, Inc. to provide funding to help uninsured women get a mammogram.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Treasure Your Chest, Inc. educates on the importance of breast health, advocates fundraising for uninsured women to receive life-saving mammograms, and supports those impacted by breast cancer.

Our Vision

To build a community where women can confidently advocate for their breast health.

Our Vision

We Need Your Support Today!

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