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Kawana Rucker: 2-Time Breast Cancer Conqueror!

In March of 2018, I was checking my breast for the month when I felt a painful lump. I walked into the bedroom and said to my husband don’t freak out but I feel a lump. He also checked the lump and confirmed he had never felt that before. I’ve always checked my breast because my mother had fibroids and told me to always check mine. I immediately contacted my OBGYN and asked to be seen. At age 37, I was thrust into having my first mammogram. Ladies, know your tatas!

After the mammogram, I had an ultrasound and biopsy. Two days after my biopsy, my OB called me back and said I have good news and bad news; The good news was the large lump was benign however, in the lower quadrant of my right breast there was a small malignant tumor. I remember screaming after hearing that from my OB, I hit the floor and cried out to God! My husband walked in the room and took the phone and I don’t remember much after that. On the third night after diagnosis, I asked God to show me the path I should take for my healing. I immediately began looking up holistic and integrative doctors as I was meeting with my regular oncologist.

Three weeks after diagnosis, I had a partial mastectomy and 3 sentinel nodes removed. My doctor confirmed after surgery that I was stage 1b triple positive breast cancer. Chemo had a very low chance of working for me so I opted out of it. I started on several integrative protocols alongside conventional treatments, endocrine therapy.

At the end of 2019, on my routine mammogram and ultrasound they discovered another suspicious site in the same area. MRI and biopsy confirmed local recurrence same stage and type of breast cancer as before. I didn’t have much of a reaction other than to go harder this time. I had another partial mastectomy with 3 lymph nodes removed. In March of 2020, I traveled to a clinic in Spain to do some leading edge integrative oncology modalities.

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