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Maricia Cole - Breast Cancer Survivor and Advocate

Please meet Maricia Cole, 38 year old Stage 2 Breast Cancer Survivor.

Maricia first wants to say before you read her story that she thanks Treasure Your Chest for having such an amazing platform to tell all of our breast cancer stories.

Maricia was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36 and was considered a young adult with breast cancer as she was under 40 years of age. Maricia underwent genetic testing for signs of breast cancer genes, however all were negative. She may never know why or how she got breast cancer but she knows who and what helped to save her life. She credits God, supportive family and friends, and an extreme will to live through her diagnosis. Maricia underwent four months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation in order to get rid of and prevent future cancer. After going through that journey, Maricia is now an active advocate for her community, educating others about breast cancer and also wants to be that person to go to if anyone should ever need it on their breast cancer journey.

Maricia has found herself being not only an advocate but a consultant to those affected by cancer. She enjoys this work and is looking forward to a future of helping others.

Maricia states, “Life can be short and a cancer diagnosis will definitely put things in your life into perspective. " She recalls finding a note that she’d wrote to herself after a doctor’s visit when cancer was being suspected. She simply wrote, “Be strong. Everything will be ok.” Maricia has now been in remission for one year and thankful for for life. After her diagnosis she finds herself letting go of stress, focusing on self care, and connecting with family and friends as much as possible.

If you would like to speak with Maricia she is ready to lend an ear. Please contact her via email at or message her via her Instagram at maricia_lisa.

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