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Tiara the Survivor – Beauty for Ashes

My name is Tiara and I am a believer, wife, mom, daughter and a third generation, three time breast cancer thriving survivor. At the age 26, I found a small lump in my right breast and after multiple scans and two biopsy’s I received the first diagnosis of stage one, triple negative breast cancer. At the time, due to my family history of breast cancer (my Mom and maternal Grandmother both being two time breast cancer survivors) I was very familiar with what breast cancer is, what it does and how it doesn’t define your life moving forward. Once I received the diagnosis, I decided to be proactive and opt for a bilateral double mastectomy in conjunction with breast reconstruction surgery. The main reason behind this decision was to prevent me from having another diagnosis/ occurrence of breast cancer in the future. My team of doctors decided to perform the bilateral mastectomy, in conjunction with the initial steps of breast reconstruction surgery, before I started the oncologist prescribed four rounds of chemotherapy. Glory to God, I made it through the mastectomy surgery, months of breast reconstruction surgery and the four rounds of harsh chemotherapy. At that time, I was a very private person and I didn’t share with many people, outside my close family and friends, what I was going through. Well that all changed as I grew older and understood the importance of sharing my testimony, being an example of God's healing power while inspiring other women that there’s life after a cancer diagnosis.

As stated above, I am a three time breast cancer survivor and the other diagnosis’ came at the ages of 32 and 39. At the age of 32, I stumbled upon yet another very small lump in my left breast. Since I already had a bilateral mastectomy my treatment plan included a lumpectomy and eight rounds of very harsh chemotherapies. It was during my second diagnosis, I decided I wouldn’t be silent about my breast cancer diagnosis. I decided to share my story with other women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t feel the need to wear wigs or hide my scars, in fact my scars served as a reminder that I’ve survived. Through social media I was able to connect with other women who were on parallel paths with me and we were able to motivate each other to continue to fight no matter how tough it got. Thank God, I survived the surgeries and completed all the chemotherapies which now meant it was time to celebrate life and for the next six years I did just that.

However, my celebration was interrupted in December 2021, when during my prayer time I felt another lump in my right breast. After the results of scans and biopsy’s it was confirmed to be breast cancer yet again. This time I prayed bold prayers of healing, and strength to endure treatment without losing my hair all while continuing to work and perform my normal day to day activities. Not only did God answer my prayers but He blessed me abundantly. My treatment plan included another lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy but this time everything was different. I received chemotherapies I never had, that were just as effective but didn’t cause me to lose my hair. I continued to work without missing a beat, I even began taking Taekwondo classes with my daughter. Thankfully, I can now give a report that I am healed. I trust and believe that Jesus didn’t just die for my sins but He also died for my healing. I’ve held onto His promise that if I ask I shall receive it.

After each diagnosis I became braver by publicly sharing my journey with other women. This time, I made up my mind to stop hiding my diagnosis and spread the word of my healing through Christ Jesus. So I decided to document my journey on my YouTube channel (Tiara the Survivor). The positive feedback I’ve received from other women letting me know how I’ve inspired them to keep a positive outlook during their treatment has helped me to realize my purpose and why God has spared my life. I’m here to be a witness of the Lord's healing power and because He loves us so much, everything we face in life will in return work out for our good. The Lord is faithful and He will give us beauty for ashes.

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