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Rochelle Saddler: A Legacy of Faith & Love Lives On

Rochelle Saddler was an amazing woman of God, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. From a young age Rochelle was a planner, she organized everything and if you asked her she had her entire life mapped out. She had a love for science and research so it was no surprise that she would major in biology in college and have a successful career in that field. In October 2011 she received some news that was not in the roadmap for her life. She found a lump during a self breast exam on the day of her wedding anniversary she received a breast cancer diagnosis that shook her to the core.

After sharing the news with her husband, immediate family, and a few close friends she went straight into action. If there was ever a person who could fight cancer and win it was Rochelle! She immediately sprung into action and started researching the type of cancer she had, treatment options, oncologists, genetic testing, diet and exercise. She was determined to not let this sickness take over her life. Being the planner she was, taking time off from work to focus on treatment was easy. Other than the loss of her hair which she never showed anyone outside of her husband she fought cancer with no physical changes to her body. She had her good and bad days like everyone else, but her faith in GOD never waivered. She was relentless and strong. In August of 2012 after a lumpectomy, months of chemotherapy, and radiation treatments she received the news that all fighters want to hear, "you are cancer free”.

Life was good again, Rochelle went back to work, she was able to focus on her 7- year old son Jordan who was her world. In January of 2013 Rochelle began dealing with some pain in her hip that had caused her to walk with a limp. She figured it was a pulled muscle from working out or just some joint pain or stiffness from chemo. To her surprise after seeking medical attention from an orthopedic doctor, she was advised to follow up with her oncologist. After testing she was told that her cancer had returned and metastasized. So many parts of her body were affected that it’s still a blur to remember. She endured hip surgery, and rounds of chemo and radiation treatments for months. She was ineligible for a medical trial due to a spot being found on her brain in a later scan. It was evident that this time around cancer was draining all of her strength. Despite it all, we never stopped praying for a miracle, we never stopped believing that GOD was going to heal her body on this side.

On August 26, 2013 at Wake Med in Cary, NC Rochelle took her last breath and received her healing on the other side in the arms of her loving Father. In the final days leading to her death she never stopped thinking of others. She had our mother buy balloons for me to celebrate my birthday that was on August 19th. One of the last words she said once the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do was “I’m not worried about anything!” Rochelle never let go of GOD and HIS promises. The love she gave to her family and friends was never ending, she was the rock that held us all together. I’m so thankful and grateful for the 36 years that I was able to do life with her. I’m so honored to say she was my Sissy and I will continue to pay tribute to her life until we are reunited again!

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