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Tara Williamson: Breast Cancer Survivor Who Pays It Forward Through Pink Ink Tattoo

Tara Williamson is a 12 year breast cancer survivor, 24+ year nurse, kidney donor, keynote speaker, post-reconstructive options pioneer, cancer community influencer, advocate, legal expert witness, business owner, mother, wife, grandmother and a Certified 3D Areola, Nipple Complex Medical Tattoo Artist. Her business, Pink Ink Tattoo was founded in 2014 as a response to her own experience with breast cancer and the lack of options for areola tattoos. She has grown her business from humble beginnings into an award-winning internationally recognized business with clients traveling for her services from all across the world. She travels the United States to work alongside the top plastic surgeons and medical centers. Tara attributes her success to her faith and the amazing people who have supported and helped her through her journey including her family, friends, other survivors, and community members dedicated to making a difference.

Tara has said "This is my calling. This is my passion. I'm here to help others feel whole again. To provide them with the finishing touch in their journeys." She has helped tens of thousands while inspiring countless others. Tara continues to share her story to help inspire, motivate, and educate others about breast cancer, early detection, self-advocacy, and related. Her community efforts have made positive impacts for others and has embodied her Purpose Over Profit mantra. Tara Williamson continues to make a difference everyday for others and will always love her “chair talks” with survivors like herself. 

To learn more about Tara Williamson of Pink Ink Tattoo or her services please visit her website If you're interested in contacting Tara Williamson of Pink Ink Tattoo you can call the medical office at (919) 729-1002 or send her an email to To stay updated on Tara and Pink Ink Tattoo we encourage you to follow her on social media:

Facebook: @pinkinktattoollc

Instagram: @pink_ink_tattoo

Twitter: @pinkinktattoo1

YouTube: Pink Ink Tattoo

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